The FMCSA Strives to Make the Nation's Highways Even Safer With a New Test

Despite the number of miles driven on them rising steadily with each passing year, the nation's highways have become safer and safer as time has gone on. Part of this is due to the way that vehicle manufacturers have increasingly focused on safety, so that drivers and passengers involved in even severe-seeming accidents can often today escape without harm. Another reason is the way that those tasked with regulating the nation's commercial drivers have sought to ensure that the heavy responsibilities these drivers carry did not result in unnecessary risks to others.

A recent initiative of this sort was the creation by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration of a new, centralized registry for medical examiners. Previously, commercial drivers had needed to receive and pass thorough physical examinations before being deemed fit for duty, but the standards as to what constituted a sufficient exam varied widely from one jurisdiction to another. With the creation of the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners, that is no longer the cause, as examiners listed there must have all passed a single, standardized test.

This new requirement has left many doctors and other health professionals scrambling to prepare. At, many have found a satisfyingly thorough and efficient way of studying to pass the NRCME examination, and the site has already helped a large number of medical examiners gain entry to the registry.


NRCME Prep, it turns out, is the only online source for practice examinations for the FMCSA test. While a few other sites purport to help prepare candidates by furnishing study guides and outlines, none of them at this time offer the kind of practice tests that many consider the best way of all of preparing for tests of this type. The nrcmeprep site, then, has something to offer that its competitors quite simply do not.

Although this new requirement will result in some additional work for the nation's medical examiners, many think that it will nonetheless be a very positive development. By standardizing the measures that doctors and others use to decide whether a particular person is fit to drive a huge, heavy, commercial truck, many observers believe that accidents and harm caused by unforeseen negative health events will drop even further. Although these incidents are relatively rare even at the present time, they are often among the most damaging, because sudden heart attacks, strokes, seizures and other health problems can result in total loss of control of a tractor trailer or other potentially deadly vehicle.

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